21st International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (ICES21) ” Persistence and Resilience in Ethiopian Studies: Global Context and Domestic Developments ”  – Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

The International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (ICES) is a prestigious conference held every three years. The conference is organized by Addis Ababa University’s Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES) and brings together over 300 scholars from the social sciences and humanities who work on issues concerning Ethiopia and its surrounding region. The first ICES was held in 1959 in Rome, Italy. Since then, the conference has been held in a number of cities throughout Europe, the United States, and Ethiopia. The 21st edition of ICES will be held at Addis Ababa University from September 28th to October 1st. This year’s conference, like previous years, will provide a mutual platform for scientific communication, knowledge sharing, and critical dialogue.

As the conference will be  held in late September, participants will have the opportunity to attend two of Ethiopia’s colorful holydays, Meskel (true cross) and Irecha (Oromo thanksgiving).